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Peer- review Policy
Journals from Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences review all manuscripts submitted internally or externally.
Original research articles authored by a member of a journal’s editorial team are independently peer reviewed; an editor will have no input or influence on the peer review process or publication decision for their own articles. Editorials and obituaries written by the journal’s editors do not undergo external peer review.
Peer Review Process
All manuscripts submitted to Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences journals are subject to rigorous review. This review consists of the following steps:
  1. Initial submissions are reviewed by internal staff to ensure adherence to policies of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, including ethical requirements for human and animal experimentation.
  2. Submissions are then assigned to an Editor for evaluation.
  3. The Academic Editor decides whether reviews from additional experts are needed to examine the manuscript. The majority of submissions are evaluated by two external reviewers, but it is up to the Editor to determine the number of reviews required.
  4. After evaluation, the Editor chooses one of the the following:
  • Accept
  • Minor Revision
  • Major Revision
  • Reject
  • If the decision is Minor Revision or Major Revision, authors have 30 days to resubmit the revised manuscript. Authors may contact email address if they require an extension.
  • Upon resubmission, the Editor may choose to send the manuscript back to external reviewers, or may render a decision based on personal expertise.
The process of submission, peer review and acceptance of articles
It is the author’s responsibility to secure all permissions prior to publication.
Material from other sources
Any written or illustrative material that has been or will be published elsewhere must be duly acknowledged and accompanied by the written consent of the copyright holder (this may be the publisher rather than the author). This includes your own previously published material, if you are not the copyright holder.
Reproducing material published by Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
Materials published by Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences may be reproduced in full or part in any medium or language only on the condition that the original material is cited properly.
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