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Student Research Committee
Student Research Committee Shahrekord University of Medical Science
Student Research Committee is the student-based part of Research and Technology Deputy of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, which has been established since 1997. Students from several fields of study join this committee to reach their goals, together.
Aim and Scope:
-Promotion of students’ research abilities through holding workshops and establishing research consultation groups -Improving efficiency and effectiveness of research
-Persuading students to join SRC and providing them with necessary facilities to expand the university’s relations with other domestic and international universities 
Education workgroup: Students in this workgroup organize many research workshops to prepare others to be able to participate in research projects or set up their own research team. We have held many workshops so far e.g.: "How to write a scientific paper?", "Randomization in RCTs", “Grant Proposal”, etc. 
Technology workgroup: Holding programs to play the role of an entrepreneur is in the scope of this workgroup. Students also practice how to increase their creativity and take part in team works to solve their community health problems.
Public Relations and IT: The aim of this workgroup is to introduce SRC's programs to other students and expand their activities by attracting new members. Some of their schedule includes: - Management of Journal clubs - Publication of two magazines: "Takapoo" and " Enekas”
Research Ethics workgroup: Ethics is a fundamental part of human life and even medical research, which made us pay more attention to it by organizing workshops, publishing articles in SRC magazines, holding book clubs, sharing ethical tips in social media, etc. 
What do we do?
Journal Clubs: We have held Neuroscience Journal Clubs recently, but if you want, you can hold your own journal club in your favorite fields by joining us. 
Meetings: We share our experience in our council member meetings, workgroup meetings, research council meeting, and other team works.
Grants: In SRC not only can you take part in research projects, but also you could set up your own project and manage all aspects of a research, from getting funds for a research to manage your coauthors and submitting your manuscript. Beside SRC enables you to have interdisciplinary scientific project with national or even international universities or research centers.
Head of Student Research Committee:
Dr. Elham Saghaei , Ph.D. of Pharmacology
Mr. Behzad Saberi , MSc of Epidemiology
Central council members:
Amin Rabiei
Sayedeh Azimeh Hosseini
Amirhossein Ghaedamini-asadabadi
Zahra Fatahian Kelishadrokhi
Mojtaba yeganegi dastgerdi
Zeynab Sadat Mortazavi
Mohammad Goodarzi
Majid Taheri Demneh
Mastoore Torabi
Zahra Kharazizadeh
Yousef Mokari
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