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Education Development Center
Medical Educational Development Center (EDC) of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences (SKUMS) was founded in 2000 as a dependent center of educational deputy. EDC was established as a center for planning, policy-making, development and promotion of educational activities. EDC activities helped educational deputy to improve the educational processes by providing support and special services along with necessary interactions with faculties’ members. The main purpose of this collaboration and support was to improve the quality of medical education through planning, organization, research, and evaluation. 
EDC is an academic organization which was started in line with a general mission of SKUMS and Educational Deputy in order to improve and elevate medical education. This center is responsible for constant educational progress in addition to expanding the quality of education in order to help the educational system and cultivate experienced and dedicated work forces through collaboration of academic members and enthusiastic students as well as applying proper methods. These missions are performed in the framework of the programs which are explained below:
1) Planning for empowerment and growth of faculties’ members
2) Performing practical research on educational fields
3) Evaluation of academic members performance
4) Supervision of students’ evaluation
5) Planning for identification talented students for collaborative purposes and offering facilities to them
6) Providing Guidance, supervision ,and evaluation of educational research
7) Supervision of Education Development Office (EDO) performance
8) Planning and supervision of educational activities in Clinical Skills Centers
9) Coordination, implementation, and supervision of editing of educational programs according to community requirements.
10) Planning and coordinating of educational festivals for instance Shahid Motahari festival
11) Planning for engaging and participating students in scientific national Olympiad
EDC is intended to expand medical education among other universities. Furthermore, EDC cultivates human work forces who have scientific eligibility along with practical competence in order to improve the quality of medical education in SKUMS.
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