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Cellular & Molecular Research Center
Introducing the center:
1- History:
Cellular and Molecular Research Center was established in January, 2006 by the efforts of the Honorable Professor Morteza Hashemzadeh, and was finally approved in January, 2008 following the agreement of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities,
Relying on the scientific capabilities of faculty members and experts and collecting the latest laboratory equipment and facilities, the center began to offer MSc courses on human genetics, medical biotechnology, clinical biochemistry and PhD courses on molecular medicine and medical biotechnology, and also cooperated with the university to set up the School of Advanced Technologies.
The units under the supervision of the center are cell laboratory, genetic engineering laboratory, tissue engineering laboratory, animal testing, culture rooms, biohazard laboratory, instrumental analysis, information technology hall and optics laboratory. The research center has trained over 300 experts since its establishment.
Also, over 400 research projects and student dissertations have been approved and completed, and numerous articles derived from them have been published, substantially contributing to the university’s having being ranked as a distinguished academic center in research activities among the same-level medical universities for 11 consecutive years.
2- Visions:
  • Development and application of human knowledge
  • Conducting molecular genetics basic research on diseases to reform healthcare services
  • Collecting, compiling and classifying relevant documents, articles and evidence and publishing them
  • Training researchers in cellular and molecular genetics
  • Improving the scientific level of researchers in molecular pathology of diseases
  • Inviting relevant research and executive centers across Iran to conduct collaborative research projects
  • Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of other countries and international organizations in compliance with government laws and regulations.
3- Perspective:
Increasing research capabilities and improving scientific position at the regional, national and international levels.
4- Mission:
  • Assisting in research in stem cells and their application for the treatment of diseases
  • Identifying and organizing people with scientific qualifications and postgraduate students
  • Creating an appropriate research infrastructure for accepting research projects and improving the quality and quantity of research in this field
  • Applying research projects related to diseases through cell therapy and gene therapy
  • Forming clinical teams including physicians and clinical professors, and informing clinicians of research findings on the applications of stem cells in clinical settings
5- Equipment:
Research priorities:
A) Conducting basic research:
1) to improve qualitative and quantitative research and articles derived from them
2) to determine molecular biomarkers of cancer and its treatment
3) to design molecular diagnostic kits for infectious diseases
B) Conducting applied research such as:
1) Seeking out methods of cancer treatment
2) Production of diagnostic kits for genetic and infectious diseases
1) Achieving the second rank in Callout for Research in Covid-19 in the Metropolitan Region 7 of Iran in 2022
2) Being ranked as one of the top 30 biomedical research centers in the country (total score: 212.15) and the first research center among the research centers affiliated to SKUMS in 2022.
First name and Last name: Dr. Hossein Teimori
Degree of Education: Professor of Medical Genetics
Department: Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine
CV: Scientometrics System
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Contact information:
Address: Cellular & Molecular Research Center, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
Tel: +98-38-33346692
Fax: +98-38-33330709
E-mail: -
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