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Clinical Biochemistry Research Center
Introducing the center: 
1- History:
Based on the vote issued in the 277th meeting of the Council for the Development of Medical Universities in January, 2011, a fundamental agreement with the establishment of the Clinical Biochemistry Research Center of the SKUMS was achieved.
The research center was finally established in February, 2011 to conduct basic research on the treatment of cardiovascular, metabolic and cancer diseases. Its establishment was finally ratified at the Council for Higher Education Expansion and the research center began to work In March, 2015. The first head of the research center was Esfandiar Heydarian.
2- Visions:
The research center seeks to promote, expand and develop the research activities of the SKUMS.
3- Perspective and Mission: 
In line with the mission of the SKUMS, which is to promote health in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, the Deputy of Research and Technology assists the university in fulfilling its mission through the following actions:
  • Production and dissemination of knowledge
  • Information
  • Empowering researchers to conduct research
  • Providing scientific resources
  • Providing the necessary conditions and facilities to facilitate research
  • Encouraging team and multi-center research projects
5- Equipment:
 Row  Instrument’s full name  No.
 1 PCR   
 2 Power electrophoresis  
 3 Electrophoresis  
 4 Flat Shaker   
 5 Distilled water   
 6 Incubator   
 7 Water Bath  
 8 Microtube shaker (Microspin)  
 9 UV spectrophotometry   
 10 Centrifuge   
 11 Freezer 70-   
 12 Heater Stirrer   
 13 Laminar hood cultivation room   
 14 Nitrogen Tank   
 15 Refrigerated Centrifuge  
 16 Vertex   
 17 Autoclave   
 18 Invert Microscope   
 19 Homogenizer   
 20 Chemical Hood   
 21 Real Time Device + Laptop   
 22 BT3000 Autoanalyzer   
 23 Optical Microscope   
 24 pH Meter   
 25 Heater Stirrer   
Research priorities:
1) Signaling and molecular pathways involved in gastrointestinal cancer
2) Gastrointestinal cancer biomarkers, especially lncRNA and micro RNA
3) Pharmacological considerations and antioxidants on gastrointestinal cancer cell lines
4) Simulation studies on biomolecules involved in gastrointestinal cancer processes
5) Meta-analysis of gastrointestinal cancer
First name and Last name: Dr. Keihan Ghatreh Samani
Degree of Education: Professor of Biochemistry
Department: Department of Biochemistry, School of Medicine
CV: Scientometrics System
Email: []
Contact information:
Address: Clinical Biochemistry Research Center, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
Tel: +98-38-33346692
Fax: +98-38-33330709
E-mail: -
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