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About Iran
 The Islamic Republic of Iran is a large country with an area of around 1.648 million square kilometers and a population of approximately 80 million.
Located in Southwest Asia, Iran has a mostly arid or semiarid climate. Areas along the Caspian coast in the north have a subtropical climate, while the climate along the southern coastline of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman is warm and humid.
Iran has a long historical and cultural background. Iranians are a hard-working nation known for their intelligence and acumen. Islam is the religion of nearly 99% of the population. The 1979 Islamic Revolution was a turning point in national resolve to achieve independence, freedom, and justice, and the beginning of an upward movement toward modern Islamic civilization and development.
Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the country has witnessed a notable increase in the number of universities and academic institutions. Currently, about 3 million students are studying at public and private universities throughout Iran.
In recent years, young Iranian graduates have achieved successes of international proportions in various scientific and technological fields. Gaining access to the full nuclear fuel cycle and significant advances in stem cell research are worth noting in Iranian scientists’ long list of accomplishments.
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