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If you are thinking of higher education in medicine or other branches of medical sciences or advancing your future career, SKUMS is the right place to start. In addition to a variety of B.Sc. programs related to medical sciences, you can directly apply for professional doctoral programs in Medicine to get your degree from one of the best medical sciences universities. Nowadays, it is hard to find a place like SKUMS with high-quality educational programs in different fields of medical sciences along with the lowest possible tuition fees and living expenses among the corresponding countries. As indicated by our background, SKUMS' undergraduate students could more easily get admission to graduate programs and medical specialties in top-notch medical centers following graduation. We encourage you to complete our undergraduate degree programs and enjoy the unique Iranian hospitality as well as a safe living environment inside or outside of SKUMS campuses at all times of day and night.
Taking advantage of high-quality education in a peaceful environment with more reasonable expenses will be very promising for every student who wishes to pursue a career in medical sciences and other related fields.
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