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Committee of Research in Education
 Educational Research Committee
Committee of Research in Education
Research in education is necessary in every society in all branches from preschool period to specialty & sub-specialty courses. Research development in medical education needs special planning in which research importance and its role in self-improvement, independency and country development are defined. It should use existing abilities in order to grow creative powers in a suitable way. This is available in the Universities of Medical Sciences by the effort of Educational Development Centers (EDCs). Committee of Research in Education (CRE) is one of the EDC’s Subunits which goal’s is to increase both quantitative and qualitative researches in Education. The main task of the CRE, managing the approval process, and supporting educational proposals is to address the educational needs and problems of universities, as well as an effective step in improving the quality of university education. One of the tasks of CRE is to determine research priorities in the field of education in order to increase the knowledge of faculty members about the new issues of medical education, as well as reflect the views of the professors and analyze the problems in the field of educational activities.

Duties & Objectives:
1- Determination of Educational Researches’ Priorities in University
2- Providing educational research spirit in faculty members.
3- Empowering the researchers of medical sciences universities and promoting educational research projects in medical sciences.
4- Promoting the applying research results in Educational plans.
5- Monitoring the performance of research projects in educational system and facilitating and also evaluating their performance.
6- Consulting with faculty members and cooperation with making proposals, preparing content and curriculum development and research in education plans
7- Gaining the trust of faculty members in order to cooperate with Educational Development Offices (EDO) in the realm of research in education to be sent to the CRE of EDC
8- And finally Organize, direct, support, and develop matters related to research in the field of medical education
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