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Hajar Hospital
About Hospital:
Hajar Hospital of Shahrekord was established in 1986 and started to work in 1992. First, obstetric and gynecological patients were admitted, but gradually emergency, internal medicine, pediatric and neonatal, and cardiology (including CCU 1,2 and angiography), infectious diseases and psychiatry departments were also launched.
Now, this center is providing services to the people of the province with 600 approved beds, 431 active beds and 1156 administrative and healthcare staff. Advanced MRI and angiography equipment and the enrollment of experienced physicians have led to detection and treatment of patients.
Hospital ranking:
Specialty and subspecialty wards:
Specialty wards:
Men's and Women's Internal Medicine Department, Pediatric and Neonatal Department, Gynecological Surgery Department, Cardiology Department and CCUs 1 and 2, Dialysis Department, Operating Room, Infectious Diseases Department, Men's and Women's Psychiatry Department
Subspecialty wards:
Angiography Department,Endoscopy Department, Spirometry Department
Paraclinical Wards:
Pharmacy Unit, MRI and CT Scan Unit, Laboratory Unit, Blood Bank and Pathology Unit, Echocardiography and Exercise Test Unit , Radiology and Ultrasound Unit, Electro Unit, Dialysis Unit, Thalassemia Unit, Encephalography Unit
Special services and facilities:
General Angiography, Coronary Angiogram, Colonoscopy and ERCP, Bronchoscopy
Extra Services:
Ambulance Services, Vehicles, Facilities, Kitchen, Printing and Reproduction, Shop, Midwifery Clinic
Research Centers:
Cancer Research Center, Clinical Research Development Unit
Staff Statistics:
Hospital-affiliated Clinics:
Imam Ali Clinic, Hazrat Rasool Clinic, Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra Infertility Clinic
Hospital Information:
Tel: +98-38-3222016
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