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Research Center in Midwifery & Nursing Sciences
Introducing the center:
1- History:
In 2016, the idea of establishing a community-oriented research center was proposed and with the follow-ups, the composition of the founding board of the center was determined. At the meeting of the Council for the Development of Medical Universities in 2016, a general agreement was reached with the establishment of a community-based research center. This center, after being equipped and organized, started its activities in the first half of 2016.
2- Visions:
• Developing, promoting, and applying research in nursing and midwifery care in order to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery care for all people of the community
• Developing knowledge and expanding basic and applied research
• Making policy for research activities in the field of nursing and midwifery
• Organizing knowledge from relevant research works
• Designing and developing indigenous care theories and models
• Providing scientific evidence for nursing and midwifery and related professions
• Presenting cultural models of nursing and midwifery care
• Attracting grants, financial resources, and allocating them to researches of priority
• Grounding for joint inter-university research (national and international) and exchanging researchers
• Connecting with reputable research and academic centers
• Training nursing and midwifery staff and health professions to gain the ability to conduct research, critique, and apply its findings
• Providing consulting services
• Designing and holding workshops and training courses in order to empower researchers in the field of the health system.
3- Perspective:
Providing high-quality nursing and midwifery care for the population of our beloved country, the Islamic republic of Iran, requires valid research for conventional and new care. The Community-based Research Center seeks to achieve a privileged position in Region 7 by bringing together leading nursing and midwifery researchers and researchers in other fields, setting and formulating research priorities, and providing financial support for high-priority projects in this field.
4- Mission:
The Community-based Nursing and Midwifery Research Center has been established with the aim of developing, promoting, and applying research in the provision of nursing and midwifery care. To this end, the center, by attracting the participation of students, graduates, researchers, and faculty members of nursing and midwifery as well as supporting their research and capacity building, is trying to take big steps to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery care in three fields of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.
Research priorities:
A- Conducting basic research in the fields of:
1) Promoting health in at-risk groups
2) Preventing diseases in the community
3) Caring for patients with acute diseases
4) Caring for patients with chronic diseases
5) Caring for patients who need rehabilitation support
6) Empowering the families
B- Conducting applied research in the fields of:
1) Promoting community health
2) Traditional medicine and supplements
3) Palliative care
4) Evidence-based care
5) Ethics in community-based care
6) Psychiatric disorders (suicide, mood disorders, substance and alcohol abuse, etc.)
7) Having children and protecting the family
8) Investigating the effect of spiritual care on mental health
9) Aging and factors affecting it
10) Trauma
11) Women and family
C- Conducting basic and applied research in the field of research in education and vice-versa:
First name and Last name: Dr. Ali Hasanpour Dehkordi
Degree of Education: Associate Professor of Nursing Educati
Department: Department of Adults and Geriatric Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery
CV: Scientometrics System
Email: [][]
Contact information:
Address: School of Nursing and Midwifery, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences
Tel: +98-38-33335652-4
Fax: +98-38-33346714
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